The perinatal journey can be magical or burdensome. We believe in the sacred magic.

We support the preservation and enhancement of the sacred bond that exists between mama and baby—one non-toxic product at a time.

That bliss exists when you're fully supported and, thus, able to escape fight-or-flight-or-freeze and oxytocin can flow.

In order to get pregnant, stay pregnant, give birth, and produce breastmilk, oxytocin must be present. We're on a mission to facilitate that flow of oxytocin through products that enhance self-trust.

We're focused on birthing products for the entire perinatal journey—not just one aspect of conception, pregnancy, or postpartum. We're a portal for women when they decide to bring humans to this planet and we exist to elevate the entire experience with innovative, mess-free, non-toxic products.

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