• Designed to enhance Mama’s comfort

  • Innovative, patented products for women

  • Created to boost oxytocin

  • Non-toxic and sustainable

  • Nip Gloss

    Formulated to soothe and moisturize raw, cracked, and injured nipples and lips. Applies like a gloss, hydrates like a balm.

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  • kozēpee

    An ergonomic pee cup for ovulation and pregnancy testing, because the conception journey can be messy enough.

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  • Supermama Sweatshirt

    Stay kozē and rep the sacred magic of motherhood in our soft sweatshirt with an embroidered pink logo.

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  • Nipple Diaper

    The world’s first absorbent, disposable bra, made with biodegradable materials.

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Designed for Supermamas by Supermamas

We’re a female-founded company. Some of us have been moms for decades, some of us have hopes and dreams for a future family, and some of us are somewhere in between—in the throes of motherhood. No matter where we are on our motherhood journeys, we’re all doing our best to enjoy the ride and we’re here to help remind you of the sacredness of it all.

You’ve got this, Supermama.

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