A Review by The Baby Spot: Nip Gloss For Cracked Nipples and Lips

Having a baby is so exciting. A new bundle of joy has joined your family! However, when breastfeeding starts, especially for a first time Mom, your nipples can become cracked. Additionally, you may notice that your lips are cracking as well. You may have a lot of challenges where you need relief. When you are breastfeeding constantly, your nipples need nourishment. That is why we love Nip Gloss by kozēkozē for your nipples and lips.

When To Use Nip Gloss

This fantastic product is simple to use and gives your nipples and lips the love that they need! It looks like a lip balm but it is so much more. Compact and discreet, it can be carried in a purse or even a pocket for when you need to apply. The serum is simple. Apply it as you would a lip balm to your nipples or your lips. Your nipples and lips will thank you for choosing a 100% natural product with calendula flower infusion. Rub it in lightly. Using this Nip Gloss single handedly makes application easy. With just one hand, you push the cap upward with thumb to remove. Squeeze lightly to get a small bead and apply lightly to the area. The application is not greasy like its competitors. Nip Gloss is scent free, focusing on the healing aspects of the serum and avoiding any scents that could irritate these sensitive areas. Your lips and nipples will feel nurtured and spoiled with these safe ingredients.

What We Loved

After we applied Nip Gloss, we loved that it was in a packaging that was easy to bring with us. As many parents, we are on the go constantly and breastfeeding is a part of daily life. When you can put this application in a purse or a jacket pocket, it gives you the freedom to take care of yourself with ease. Secondly, this product has no scent which is wonderful when you are applying it to your nipples or lips. The focus is on feeding the baby and kozēkozē keeps Moms first in mind when feeding their baby.

Having a product that is not greasy shows that this product was made for parents. We don’t want to hurt our baby with a serum that could coat their lips. Nip Gloss dries quickly and does not leave a film. It does not stain our clothes or bras which is perfect. This brand is safe, filled with good natural ingredients and respects a baby and Mother’s time to breastfeed and bond. It promotes our nipples to heal if they are hurting after breastfeeding and gives power back to the parent to not feel the pain of cracked nipples.

Nip Gloss

Parents also want easy to use products and the fact that this is safe for both your nipples and lips makes it an all around brand that we can trust.

Nip Gloss gets our seal of approval for being a brand that puts baby bonding first! This mess free stress free brand focuses on healing and time with your baby.

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