The night Garrett came home from the hospital, she was leaking everywhere. In her bathroom sat two giant boxes of breast pads, and one giant problem: she was so intensely engorged that her bras didn't fit. Even if her bras had fit, the thought of sleeping in one midst engorgement pain seemed awful.

Upon googling "what to do for engorgement leakage," she found a few ideas:

-pump less (she wasn't pumping yet)

-dress appropriately (whatever that meant)

-wear pads in bra (bra didn't fit)

-sleep on a towel

She resolved for the last option and tossed and turned for the two hours until the next feeding wondering why, in the year 2021, she had to sleep on a towel. As she looked at her snuggly, cozy, swaddled son, she yearned to feel the same comfort, wishing something would wrap her up and keep her dry—like a diaper for her breasts. And thus, the idea for Nipple Diaper was born.

Now, her mind is focused on how she can leave the perinatal space better than she found it.

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