Certified Regenerative Health Practitioner, Clinical Iridologist, and Detox Specialist Ahna Mikl shares her process as a healer. Her unique wisdom of the womb is invaluable for anyone going through life shifts, trying to conceive, wanting to release unwanted weight, and more. For Ahna, it all begins with detox—emotionally, mentally and physically.

She is not only well-versed in the physicality, the physiological, and the biological aspects of the body, but also understands the emotional and spiritual connective tissue that’s really underneath all of it.

She empowers women to heal their womb space and restore hormonal and menstrual balance, so they can eliminate inflammation, improve their emotional wellness, and optimize their energy.

Gain practical tips and spiritual insights from our conversation with Ahna.

“You are your most powerful healer.” — Ahna Mikl


Q: On your website, you talk about releasing unwanted weight. I call it energetic weight loss. I would love for you to just talk about that and what you see with your clients around this unwanted weight.

A: I phrased it that way because it just kind of came to me that there are so many of us that have different parts in our body where it’s just unwanted weight—or weight that, no matter what we try to do, it just doesn’t seem to want to go. It is energetic. Everything is energetic.

I always help my clients understand that excess weight is really just excess waste. It’s something that the body is using as a protection mechanism to keep your body safe. The body has different ways of protecting you. Everything your body does is always for you. It’s always working for you, never against you.

So, even when we’re like, oh my gosh, we can’t lose this weight, it’s actually the body’s way of keeping you safe in some way. The body has different mechanisms to protect you—one being fat. Cholesterol. Calcium excess. Holding water.

As we begin to release the old, trapped emotions in the body and the excess acids or toxins that have been stuck in the tissues to keep the rest of the body safe so that it’s not circulating, that’s when the weight really goes.

I had this experience myself. I would never say that I was overweight, but I had weight that I didn’t like on my body around my stomach area. When I really started to dive deeper into my emotional healing journey and started to really feel my feelings and really cleanse the old, that weight just went—just gone.

Q: What was the catalyst for you and your healing journey?

A: My journey has been quite the journey, I will say. It branches into a lot of different directions. I struggled with a lot of different symptoms as a young girl, so what led me to where I am today were those symptoms that really forced me to question my life, my body, and my health.

At a very young age, I was put on birth control to mitigate the IBS, the constipation, the severe period pain that would send me to the ER, the acne, the hair loss—all the things. That was the solution I was given at the age of thirteen. I see that now with a lot of young women. Young girls are being prescribed birth control at very young ages now, even just for anxiety and different things.

So, I was put on birth control and I was on it for twelve or thirteen years. In my mid-twenties, my intuition was getting really loud and I just knew I wasn’t supposed to be taking it anymore. It’s not good for me. I don’t feel good. It’s dulled me for a long time, and it’s time I go off.

When I went off of it, that’s when I really had to question everything about my life. My cysts got worse. I had multiple rounds of blood work and ultrasounds. I also had severe lower back pain and just symptoms that you wouldn’t think that I had, but I had. I suffered with them for a long time.

I saw multiple specialists to try to figure everything out, but was continually told to go back on birth control. They said if I wanted a quality of life, that was really my option. I remember those exact words because it was those words that triggered me to take it into my own hands and figure out why this was happening to me. I was in my mid-twenties. That shouldn’t be normal. That really led me into more holistic ways of healing.

I had always loved wellness. I was always someone who worked out, ate healthy—or what I thought was healthy—and I didn’t understand why I had all these symptoms. So, I dabbled in things like acupuncture. I went to go see naturopaths, and things started helping me in different ways—but I still didn’t truly get to the root of it.

One day, my friend introduced me to the work of detox and recommended I start detoxing my body. I was really hesitant about it at first. I had a lot of healthy skepticism because I think when we hear the word detox, we think alcohol detox or that it has to be some super intense juice cleanse. It’s so much more than that.

When I really took the leap to try this, it’s because I was really fed up. I was losing hair in massive amounts and, when you start to lose your hair as a woman, that’s when you start to get really insecure. My cysts and period pain was out of control. So I just said okay, I’m going for it.

When I started this protocol to really learn how my body works and to eat the right way for cleansing, I seriously started to reverse symptoms I had had for years within two or three months. I was like, how come everyone doesn’t know about this? Why aren’t women being taught this? How is it this simple?

The work is not easy, but it is simple. At the time, I just didn’t understand why women didn’t have this information, but felt I needed to just go all-in on this. It really sparked something inside of me. It got me really excited to learn.

At the time, I was working my corporate job. I was an account manager at a health technology company. I was in business, but I decided to go back to school to learn all about the human body. I was doing that while I was working my corporate job, and I really started to realize as I learned more about this work just how intentionally our bodies were created and that we are self-healing organisms. God created our bodies so intentionally and our bodies work for us, not against us. We just have to put them in the right environment in order to put it in a place where it can heal. Removing the roadblocks is what detox does.

So, once I finished my schooling, I started coaching women through natural healing. I was doing that while I was working my corporate career as an account manager, and I was working like sixty to seventy hours a week. It became really unsustainable. I was teaching people about their health, but I was burning the candle at both ends. I knew something had to change.

I knew I was always meant to do something else. I was meant to work with people in some way. I had always said that even after college, but I just didn’t know what and it wasn’t the right time for me yet. As I helped more women, my business career just became more unfulfilling until I just one day decided it was time for me to let it go.

That was really hard. When I quit, I went from sixty hour work weeks to working for myself and not having people tell me that I’m doing a good job or having that affirmation from a boss or that strict schedule. When I had more time on my hands and I was trying to gain more clients, it brought up a lot of self worth wounds. The reason I’m going into this is because this really leads to the true root cause and reason of why I had symptoms in the first place.

When all of these self worth and self love wounds started to come up, if someone wasn’t telling me that I was doing a good job in life, am I doing a good job? Am I worthy if someone isn’t telling me that I am or that I did well on this?

Truly that time of my life, when I quit my job and I was trying to build my practice, it brought me to my knees a lot. A lot of tears. A lot of questioning why I am here. What is the purpose of life?

I think a lot of women can relate to this. A lot of us spend our time in our masculine energy of do do do, be productive, go, action—and it goes against the very biological nature of who we are as females. It leaves a lot lacking for us.

This was really the beginning of my deeper spiritual awakening and led me to even deeper healing modalities. I started to go down the route of energy healing, sound healing, acupuncture, frequency, plant medicine, and different detox therapies. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. It’s so true. I started to listen to the universe and the signals I was being sent like work with this person, do this thing, and I was just kind of going with it.

What ended up happening was that I started to realize that I was hurting emotionally and spiritually for basically my whole life, and that is what was really causing my physical symptoms. As I dove deeper into my emotional healing, I had a lot of repressed sexual abuse come forward. At the time, that was completely earth-shattering. The brain can protect you really well.

But I was shown why we have physical symptoms, and that it’s not just eating right, taking the right supplements, exercising enough. It’s that our spirit is hurting and there may be emotions that we didn’t get to fully feel and those emotions get stored in the tissues and cells in the body and they become energetic blockages.

I started to just see. Since that discovery, it’s led me to so many amazing resources to heal and really feel those feelings again and release all of that once and for all. Back to the beginning when we talked about excess weight, when you start to truly get to the very root of why the body is doing what it’s doing, it just goes and then it’s gone. It doesn’t come back.

So, the journey hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, but feelings demand to be felt and we have to do a lot of inner work and forgiving and feeling and letting go in order to really heal the physical body.

It’s been a really beautiful journey of learning to love myself again and love my body again. Nothing brings me more joy than helping other women do the same. Everybody’s story is different, but I believe our stories are medicine. Everything has been so purposeful to help me heal myself, but so that I can share that medicine with other women.

Q: Share with us a baby step into some energy healing and what your experience was with plant medicine and different access points there.

A: I start all of my clients where I started—and that is physical detoxification. When we start to cleanse the body, when we start to eat differently, it starts to shift us internally. Our vibration starts to rise. So, when we eat higher vibrational foods, living foods, more fruit, herbs—which are like the highest vibrational frequency thing out there that we can put in our body—we start to purge.

That’s why I say detox is so much more than a five-day juice fast. There are periods where you do deeper detox, but it’s also kind of a lifestyle in the world that we live in. As you change your habits and watch what you’re putting in your mouth and you’re learning different techniques and tools to help the body purge the old, you are shifting your energy.

That is so foundational, and why I teach women how to do this correctly and how to begin cleansing because, when you start to cleanse, it frees up memories in the cells and tissues. That’s also when older emotions come up. So the physical changes you are making with the food and everything, this is actually causing old energy to be released from the body.

Once you get to a certain point, it starts to shift you on a cellular level. Then you feel called to do something more, such as trying Reiki—which is basically a relaxation technique that helps move the stuff in the body.

There are so many tools I have dabbled in, but what has been truly transformational is acupuncture. It is unbelievable. Pairing it with detoxification is huge. There are other tools like Chi Gong, but physical detox and changing those things first is the first step.

Q: What does womb healing mean to you? Walk us through how you do that with your clients and what it means in relationship to the body and fertility.

A: The biggest thing that I try to do is educate women about their bodies because I feel like, when we are educated and empowered on what different glands and organs do and what nurtures and nourishes different parts of the body, we choose differently. We choose to live differently once we are educated about it.

I think that our womb space and our reproductive organs don’t get attention. From a very young age, the only thing we’re taught about is you get your period, you put a tampon in, it’s normal to get PMS, it’s whatever. But it’s literally our connection to the universe. We create life. If we really think about how amazing the female body is, we create life—and that happens in our womb, and that is our connection to the source.

There’s a lot in our world that is designed to keep us down here, when really we are meant to live way up here. So there is great value in understanding your womb space and spending time giving it attention—whether that be teaching women how to do womb massage and bringing lymphatic flow back to that space. Sometimes, we just get pain in that space because it carries a lot of ancestral stuff from grandma and grandma’s mom and pain, and we push a lot of emotions down into that space unconsciously as women

 For any women that have been abused in any sort of way, that energy gets trapped in that space and causes blockages that then cause physical symptoms later on. Physical symptoms are nothing more than energetic blockages that just need to go.

The womb is a very sacred place and it’s our place of creativity and sexuality. We’re so disconnected as women. I shouldn't say all of us but, from my experience and what I’ve seen, I was disconnected from my sexuality my whole life. I always thought I was broken. To be completely transparent, I never wanted to have sex. I never had a sex drive. I couldn’t have an orgasm. There were so many things that just didn’t make sense to me. It disconnected me from my whole body. We don’t realize the correlation between our sexuality and just feeling alive and vibrant in our bodies.

Massaging the womb. Talking about what the womb does. I do energy healing for women for their womb space. I’m trained in something called chronic healing, which is where you work on removing energetic blockages within the chakras. But also, learning different ways to eat, different teas to drink, how to do yoni steaming, how to use castor oil packs, how to bring life back to that space.

Q: Do people tend to start with chronic healing or do they do that after detox?

A: I always start people with detoxification. It’s kind of unbelievable what moves through the body just by simply focusing on healing the gut. Sometimes there is just a lack of communication between the gut to the brain and the brain to the rest of the endocrine system. So I always start people at a place of detoxification and lifestyle changes first. Then, as I feel that they need that, we’ll go into chronic healing. It’s amazing for everyone.

But I would say, at the root of everything, what I think everybody needs is we have to cleanse. It’s kind of come to me recently that we actually don’t have a choice. It’s not an option. If we want to truly feel our best and reverse our physical symptoms once and for all and come back to our truest nature, we have to get the lower vibrational energies out of the body and heal the gut so that the body can talk to itself again and repair cellular communication.

Some of the concepts are simple, but change is hard. When it goes against what society has taught us, it can be even harder. But what I can promise is that if we want to feel free—like finally free—this is the route. I say that with the utmost confidence because I just feel it so deeply in my body.

It is our birthright to feel amazing in our bodies, and that requires change. Once you actually understand why you are making the changes versus someone just saying take this, take that, it’s like you want to do better and you just make better choices.

It also just comes down to, when I think about true healing—we could be doing all the spiritual practices in the world, but if we’re not watching what we put in our mouth, we will plateau. Or, if we’re obsessed with our food, but don’t have our spiritual practice and are not addressing our emotions. We really have to do all of it.

That’s what I really try to teach women. Energy hygiene. Eating the right foods. How to care for your womb. Just kind of blend it all in because we heal as one.

Q: Tell us about your ten-week group-based self-led course.

A: I do one-on-one mentorship and transformational coaching, but what I realized is that it’s so much easier to make changes in community with other women—and it’s fun. So, I ended up creating an online course that’s ten weeks to teach women why we get disease in the body and why it happens and how we eat to decrease inflammations, what foods we should eat to increase fertility, what foods put the body into more of a protective mode versus a deeply nourished mode, what different daily practices we can do to cleanse energy or get energy. At the end of the day when you’re feeling depleted, a detox bath recipe that’s going to support you and your fertility journey or your healing journey as a woman, whatever that may be.

You get access to an online portal. Each week, you have a new video released and different educational PDFs. I designed it so it’s not a huge lift so anyone can do it. If you’re doing other things, you can do it alongside it.

By the end, you have this wide range of tools to care for your body as a woman for the rest of your life. Then, you share that with your children. I bring in all of the ancient tools and practices that have helped people for centuries that we have forgotten about or don’t use now.

It’s really educating you about how to bring your body into balance naturally. I put together a specific protocol for each of the women based on what I think their body needs based on their symptoms and health history and background. Every week, we meet as a group for an hour to ask whatever you want and I go into detail on different topics. You also get access to a group chat where we share recipes, techniques, whatever it may be. It’s fun. It’s transformative.

Q: What is your favorite cup-filler?

A: There are four things I do on a regular basis. One of them, the easiest one, is taking sea salt baths. Another is enemas. They have helped me dramatically. The third being Chi Gong. It has completely transformed my life. Each week, you learn a different series of exercises all joining into one 30-45 minute routine you can use for the rest of your life to cleanse your energy. So that’s super powerful. Also, daily meditation. There’s a specific one I do to flush the chakras.


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